Instructions to ISRP-14 Participants for article submission for Radiation Physics and Chemistry

Instructions to ISRP-14 Participants (potential authors) for article submission for Radiation Physics and Chemistry Special Issue

Dear ISRP-14 Participants;

The EVISE® submission system for “Special issue dedicated to the 14th International Symposium on Radiation Physics”  is now ready for article submission for the special issue.

Instructions for submission:

 The submission website for this journal is located at:

  • Please log on with your to EVISE® username, or register if you don´t have it.
  • To ensure that all manuscripts are correctly identified for inclusion into the ISRP-14 special issue for edition, it is important that authors select the name of the special issue when upload their manuscripts:



Work Schedule:


Date first submission expected 25-Oct-2018
Final deadline for submission 15-Dec-2018
Final deadline for acceptance 28-Feb-2019

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If you have any questions about the editorial process for the journal, please feel free to contact me at

We hope you submit your manuscript to RPC!

I look forward have a good submission working,

Thank you!

Kind Regards,

Marcelo Rubio

Managing Guest Editor