Registration and payment procedure

  1. Go to the registration tab in the web page.
  2. Fill in the pre-registration form (easy to do)
  3. Go back into Registration, then click on ‘Payment Procedure’ half-way down (easy to do). Immediately below the Payment Procedure you will find the registration fees table in US$ for each category of participants.
  4. You will be linked to the payment web page (EVENTBRITE). To proceed with payment, press the green button (TICKETS) and select your category (IRPS member or non-member) and how many you are registering. Amounts are expressed in Argentine pesos ($). The conversion rate adopted for ISRP-14 is 20 Argentine pesos equal to 1 United States of America dollar (20 $ = 1 US$). Prices are expressed in ($) Argentine pesos because our host is an official site.
  5. Press green button Checkout(you will be linked to order summary with amount in Argentine pesos ($). The conversion to US$ is clear)

In the same page you must to fill buyer data, payment method, credit card data and billing information. The amount charged on the credit card is expressed in Argentine pesos.

Press green buttton PAY NOW

  1. You will receive the payment confirmation as well as the tickets by email. You must show the tickets at the ISRP-14 front desk. You can forward the email to the ISRP-14 OC for any queries etc.
  2. Extra charges like hiking, trekking or excursion, banquet and show ISRP-14 will be paid cash-only (in USD, EUROS or ARS ISO 4217currency code) at the front desk.