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The Jesuit Church of Alta Gracia

In what used to be the residence of the old Jesuit ranch, today the museum, to show how people lived inside its adobe walls in the colonial era.
The city of Alta Gracia was built »

embracing» its famous Jesuit ranch, which faces the main square. His temple became the parish of Our Lady of Mercy and is part of the current religious life in the area. When we visit it, we become aware of the years that have elapsed since the history took place there, around 1700.

The long process from the arrival of the Jesuits until it was declared a Historical Patrimony of Humanity in the year 2000 is made explicit throughout the visit by the different dependencies of the museum.

After passing through several hands, in 1810 it was the residence of Viceroy Santiago de Liniers for a short time and that is why it is also known as the Viceroy’s House.


San Roque Lake Circuit

If we have time, we will return through San Roque Lake. We will reach the Costa Azul and the zigzag path «of the 100 curves» that leads us to the San Roque Dam. To continue with our circuit through the Sierras Chicas of Córdoba, passing through La Calera, we will head east towards Córdoba City.



Tour time: 4:30 hours (*)

(*) If time is available, we will visit the House Museum of “Che” Guevara in Alta Gracia

Travel distance: 109 km

Two stops: Alta Gracia and Paredón of San Roque Lake.

Departure time: 02:00 pm, from the Argentina Pavilion of Ciudad Universitaria: 02:30
Arrival time: 06:30 pm. Paseo del Buen Pastor, downtown Córdoba.